Looking for a job with no experience, for example, right after graduation is not an easy task. But do not despair, because you have a lot of other qualities that can attract the employer - energy, desire to work for results, willingness to learn something new and fresh knowledge. The main thing is to present all this to the employer correctly https://resumegets.com/resume-rewrite.

Specify the specific skills obtained at university

Often an employer has no idea how the knowledge you acquired in university can help his company. Your job is to show him this by writing it on your resume. Highlight the specific skills you acquired at university, match them with the employer's requirements and write them on your resume. For example, if during your studies you had to work with a lot of statistical information - list it as your competence. Well mastered public speaking skills - another useful skill for many positions. If you put on your resume the practical skills you learned at university, you will immediately show the employer your strengths as a job seeker.

Show your willingness to learn

Your definite advantage over other, more experienced candidates may be your willingness to learn and develop new skills that are needed in the company. Indicate this in your resume, backing it up with examples. Specify, for example, what additional courses, trainings, exchange programs, and internships you took during your studies. It is worth noting what specific skills you acquired during your studies and internships.

Show a proactive attitude

List in your resume any additional activities you participated in during your studies. This could be organizing a festival, volunteering, or participating in large conferences or discussions. The main thing is not to go overboard. Don't submit a complete list of all the student conferences that have taken place at your university. Think about what you think might impress your employer and be considered a real credit to you.