Have a party! Celebrate! Blow out candles! Think Happy Thoughts!  Make a difference…

Learn how you can support Children’s Heart Foundation by throwing a Peter Pan Birthday Club Birthday Party!

An invitation from Peter Pan Foundation’s Peter Pan Birthday Club:

Once there was a little girl named Julia who asked, “What if every child gave up one birthday, just one, by giving instead of receiving? How many sick children could we help?” That is how the Peter Pan Birthday Club started. Julia is all grown up now but she still celebrates her birthday the Peter Pan way.

Did you know that the man who created Peter Pan was a great philanthropist? That means he gave lots of money to help other people, especially children. Sir James Barrie also gave the Peter Pan story rights to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London England. Every time Peter Pan flies, he helps to raise money for sick and injured children. You can do it too!

Here’s how:
  1. Register with the Peter Pan Children’s Fund so that they know when you are planning your party. You can register on-line, or mail them a note telling them all about your party.
  2. Select Children’s Heart Foundation (or another qualified nonprofit organization or hospital) and you can help make a difference in the lives of children with heart conditions!
  3. On your party invitation, tell your friends that you want to help kids born with heart conditions and instead of a present, they should bring a check for Children’s Heart Foundation in the amount that they would normally spend on a gift.
  4. After your party, make a date with Children’s Heart Foundation to present us your birthday checks.
  5. Fill out the Peter Pan Gift Application, which you can download here. Send it to Peter Pan Foundation along with a letter from Children’s Heart Foundation telling Peter Pan Fund about your birthday donation. If you cannot download the form, e-mail Peter Pan Foundation and they will mail you one – or you can contact CHF. NOTE: The Peter Pan Birthday Club registration form asks for a “hospital”; however, Children’s Heart Foundation is a qualified Peter Pan Birthday Club non-profit so you are able to include our name in the “Hospital” field.
  6. When Peter Pan Fund receives your Peter Pan Gift Application, they will send Children’s Heart Foundation another check for $100 in your name! WOW!

More exciting news – The Peter Pan Children’s Fund will send you an official Peter Pan Birthday Club Certificate and Order of Pan crest pin!

Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of kids with heart conditions!