Gifts that give back!

Children’s Heart Foundation has collaborated with Dee Berkley Jewelry for #heartmonth! There are two gorgeous bracelets in Rose Quartz and Ruby stones to support our littlest hearts. Each bracelet retails for $30 and proceeds will be donated to Children’s Heart Foundation. Click on the link below to order your commemorative bracelet today!

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Thank you for your continued generosity and support!


So, there is one girl that you really like and you just cannot understand her. Is she just being polite or is she flirting with you? Things get really complicated if she sends mixed signals. Not all of us are pick-up artists who have a sixth sense of whether a woman thinks you are cool or not. However, it is simply impossible to deal with some women. This guessing game of whether someone likes you or not can be extremely tedious. But according to certain criteria, you can tell whether a woman likes you or not.