We are committed to SUPPORTING FAMILIES as they deal with the emotional and financial toll exacted by a child’s heart condition.
 We are fortunate to have the assistance of the Children’s Heart Center Nevada’s medical social work team. They help us use our resources  and maximize our assistance to heart families in need by assisting us with the administration of our family assistance programs. Learn more  
We offer the following services:

Financial Assistance: Receiving a diagnosis of a heart condition is devastating to a family and can take a financial toll due to long hospital stays and time away from work. Children’s Heart Foundation helps in a new diagnosis or crisis situation by helping families pay for living expenses such as food, uninsured or underinsured medical expenses—gas, groceries, rent, utilities.

Prescription Assistance: Often children with a CHD can take several prescription medications that can be very expensive. We help by paying for the co-pay or full pay of prescriptions to families that financially qualify.

Travel Expenses: Las Vegas is home to the only full service Pediatric Cardiology Center in Nevada—Children’s Heart Center Nevada; therefore, families living outside of Las Vegas, or needing to travel outside of the state, can experience excessive travel costs. We assist with airfare, ground travel and lodging to families traveling for surgical procedures, either to our facility or to a facility outside the state for a heart transplant.

Food from the Heart: Food Baskets are provided to the families of children in the PICU and NICU at Sunrise Hospital. The baskets contain snack items and easy to eat comfort foods. This allows family members to have food available without having to take time away from their child. Additionally, we provide meal vouchers for the Sunrise Hospital cafeteria for the family during their child’s stay.

Diapers and General Household Items: We provide families with diapers and general household items like, laundry soap, shampoo, toothpaste, body soap and more, to help in an immediate and meaningful way with the simplest of needs.

Family Counseling: A heart condition can be shocking to parents and siblings. Often time’s insurance does not cover the cost for counseling. Children’s Heart Foundation can arrange free sessions with a behavioral therapist at Children’s Heart Center Nevada where one or more of the family members can discuss their situation.

Heart & Soul Support Group: It’s important for families to gather together to share their experiences and talk. We host a monthly support group at the Children’s Heart Center Nevada.

Other Services: We provide special events for our children’s families so they have the opportunity to meet others that face the same challenges and experiences they do, so they may build supportive relationships.