Camp Dates: June 2nd – 5th, 2020 (campers) & June 1st – 5th (volunteers)

Camp Location: Pathfinder Ranch in Mountain Center, California

Letter to the campers: Click HERE!

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About Camp Mend-a-Heart:

Camp Mend-a-Heart is a cost-free, medically supervised camp for children ages 7-17 receiving medical treatment in Nevada who are born with or develop a heart condition. Camp Mend-a-Heart is the only medically supervised camp of its kind in Nevada.

Camp Mend-a-Heart offers a camping experience with sports, arts & crafts, water games and many other recreational activities and programs associated with a traditional summer camp. Camp Mend-a-Heart is staffed by volunteer counselors, nurses and physicians who give from their hearts to help these special kids.

Something magical happens when these heart kids connect at camp, their self-esteem and confidence flourish and their hearts lighten with fun! These kids are able to shift their focus from their heart condition to the richness of life that can be experienced even by those with a cardiac diagnosis. They spend time with others, just like them, who understand what it’s like to have a heart condition. One child commented, “It’s cool that everyone else has to take meds, too.” Many of the boys at camp take off their shirts to participate in water-play, for once unconcerned about any visible scars or medical devices. One group even dubbed themselves the “D-team” because they each had a defibrillator under their skin. Smiles are seen all around Camp Mend-a-Heart. In the words of one of our camp cheers, “From East to West, Camp Mend-a-Heart is Best!”

History of Camp Mend-a-Heart:

Camp Mend-a-Heart was founded by Lyn Acebo, a concerned heart parent and board member of Children’s Heart Foundation. She wanted to send her daughter to heart camp, but was concerned about sending her to a location outside of Nevada due to the fragile state of her heart condition. In addition, Acebo felt the importance of having her child bond with other heart kids located within her community so they could establish a network of support and understanding for each other. After rallying other concerned parents and doctors, Camp Mend-a-Heart was born.

Camp Mend-a-Heart was the first medically supervised camp meant for children with heart conditions in Nevada. Camp Mend-a-Heart allows these kids to be free from worry of their heart condition, to be a kid and to forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Since the first year, Camp Mend-a-Heart has grown from an overnight stay to four days and three nights of camp fun. The cost to send a single camper to Camp Mend-a-Heart is approximately $1,000.00. We have never charged a single camper to attend.

See you at Camp Mend-a-Heart!

From East to West,

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