Making a Difference in the lives of heart families in Nevada!

The board of Children’s Heart Foundation is comprised of noted Las Vegas area business leaders, physicians, and informed and engaged parents.

The business leaders on our board contribute their valuable insight, while the physicians monitor the medical objectives of the Foundation. At the heart of our Foundation, however, is a passionate group of parents who have gained firsthand knowledge of the emotional and financial toll exacted by a child’s heart problems.

This diverse and talented board is dedicated to fulfilling Children’s Heart Foundation’s mission to make a difference in the lives of heart families.


Our Board Members

Mike Arquette
Diane Beyer
Tiffanee Dalton
Evangelia Duke-Petroni
Tracie Foley
Jason Frederico
Nate and Elizabeth Hunterton
Mike and Caroline Lawrence
Deanna Paquette
Cortnie Sanchez
Francine Sanchez
John and Mollie Stewart
Steve and Stephanie Weggeland
Karen Windham

List of Officers

Chair: Francine Sanchez
1st Vice Chair: Mike Arquette
2nd Vice Chair: Elizabeth Hunterton
Treasurer: Karen Windham
Secretary: Deanna Paquette
Immediate Past President: John Stewart

Medical Advisory Board

William Evans, MD
Steve Eisen

Life Heart Board Emeritus Members

Jay and Lyn Acebo
John and Shannon Bentham
Maggie Bray
Scott and Carrie Beckstrand
Gregg and Sharon Carlson
Jerry Jones, MD

Contact Us:

3006 S Maryland Pkwy, Ste 690
Las Vegas, NV 89109


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